Thank you for considering to contribute through the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign!

The CFC makes it easy to Show Some Love to the causes you care about. Whether you are passionate about disaster relief, veterans services, animal rights or cancer research — the CFC has a charity for any cause you want to support.

The benefits of the CFC include:

  1. You can give to multiple charities at once through a program that is federally regulated and fully audited.
  2. Payroll deduction allows you to give a little each month, adding up to a significant gift at the end of the year.
  3. Charities love the CFC because it keeps fundraising costs low, and the funds are unrestricted. They depend on these funds to have an impact on the communities they serve.
  4. The campaign has a collective impact, allowing you to join with your co-workers to support those in need locally, nationally, and internationally.
  5. Now Federal employees can further their impact by volunteering for the charities of their choice through the CFC.